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We try hard to engage students with fun from the moment they walk in our doors. Here are a few things we do…

1. We have greeters to welcome everyone and we give them fun t-shirts to wear that say things like “High Five” and “Fist Bump”.

2. We ask fun “would you rather” questions as students walk in and then show the results later on the screen with opportunities to win prizes.

3. We have contests as students walk in like “guess the number of jelly beans” or “guess how much this watermelon weighs” and then we give them away later.

4. We hand out noise makers at the door. Sound annoying? If we did it every week it would be, but when we do it once in a while it creates a lot of fun energy.

5. We hand out glow sticks at the door and turn off the lights later.

6. If a new student walks through our doors we open our “candy cabinet” and watch their eyeballs explode. Every new student gets a full size candy bar as soon as they walk in.

Our goal is to break down walls as students walk in so they don’t have a chance to feel lonely, scared, or bored. We want to let them know that we care about them, that they are walking into a safe place, and we want to have fun with them.


What Do You Think?

Do you do anything fun as students walk into your environment? How do you make students feel welcome? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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