Hi! Thanks for checking out FunNinja.org, my name is Kenny Campbell and my wife (Elle Campbell) and I have been leading the middle school ministry at our church in Buffalo, NY for almost 8 years.

We created Fun Ninja mainly for 3 reasons:

1. One of our passions is to create environments at church that middle school students love to come to.

2. We love sharing what we do with others.

3. We wanted to archive all the games we’ve played recently.

Also, I was getting jealous of all the fun Elle was having blogging on ElleCampbell.org and I wanted to join in :) Elle recently did a series of blog posts about fun, and we started getting all kinds of feedback and requests to expand on what kind of games we play and what else we do to create fun environments, so FunNinja.org is also a response to those requests – hopefully you find it helpful!

Every week I plan on posting the game we played with our middle school students and anything else we did in the name of fun: like contests, events, and special segments we do on Sunday mornings at our weekly environment. I also plan on blogging about why we spend so much time and energy on making things fun, how and why our ministry is structured the way it is, along with things like how to successfully plan a double elimination tournament or what type of game mechanics we love to use in our large group settings (in case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of a mix between athlete and nerd).

Along with FunNinja.org, we’ve created some other sites to help resource youth pastors…

Stuff You Can Use

StuffYouCanUse.org is a website where we make available some of our Volunteer Training, Small Groups, Partnering With Parents, and other resources for student ministry available.


ElleCampbell.org is where my wife blogs about our thoughts, experiences, philosophies, and ideas concerning youth ministry.

InstaFeed LIVE

InstaFeedLIVE.com is an easy way to create live slideshows for your events using an Instagram hashtag.

Simple Web

SimpleWeb.cc is a web design company we started that creates custom wordpress websites for $500.

We lead SHINE! – the Middle School Ministry of The Chapel at CrossPoint outside of Buffalo, NY. SHINE!’s website is shine.ms.

You can connect with me via email at kcampbell@stuffyoucanuse.org or via these social media platforms…



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