Explosive July Drink Idea For Your Cafe

Let me introduce to you “The Firecracker”. It’s an Italian soda with Pop Rocks added for some explosive excitement. We serve this drink at our cafe during the month of July and students must sign a waiver before purchasing that states if they explode, we are not held liable. Everything’s more fun when you have to sign a waiver first!


What do you think?

We value you’re input and want to have discussion with you. Do you have any fun specials or items for sale at your cafe? Please, leave a comment and join the fun!

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  • http://www.womeninyouthministry.com/ Gina Abbas

    I seriously just posted this drink idea on the Facebook wall of my student cafe volunteer! I love your ideas!

    • http://funninja.org/ Kenny Campbell


  • Sonia Young

    Does it have to be Italian soda? What flavor works best?

    • http://funninja.org/ Kenny Campbell

      Hey Sonia, no it doesn’t have to be an Italian soda, we used that just because it’s what we already serve at our cafe. I would imagine any carbonated drink would work great. As far as flavors, I don’t really know. It really wasn’t about the flavor anyway, the drinks probably taste better without the Pop Rocks :)

  • Jon Gilliland

    I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to ask: 1) Have you (or would you) posted recipes for ALL the fun things students can get from your cafe? You guys have the coolest ideas, and I’d like to steal more of them :-) and 2) Did you guys have to jump through any hoops for the Dept of Health or any other entity to sell food/drink items from your Cafe? We’re building a new youth facility that will have a cafe area, so this is all new territory for me. Want to make sure we do it right. I’d like to sell some basic snacks at cost and offer some specialty things like this one for a couple of bucks to raise funds for our annual mission trip.