On The Spot Showdowns

This summer we started doing a new segment called “On The Spot Showdowns”. We only do them once in a while and our students love them – they’re probably the most talked about games we’ve done lately. Every week students ask me when the next On The Spot Showdown will be and what we will be competing in. So far we’ve done On The Spot: Rap Battles, Stand Up Comedians, and Dance Crews.

Here’s How They Work:

1. At the beginning of our program we introduce the segment and ask for 2 volunteers (or 2 teams) that want to compete against each other in that week’s Showdown.

2. We give each contestant (or team) 15 minutes to prepare for their showdown. Depending on the Showdown, we give the contestants a music track, or a pad of paper, or whatever they need to prepare.

3. During the 15 mins of prep time, everyone else is playing a different game like we normally would during our program. Once the 15 minutes is up, we bring the contestants back and they each perform against each other.

4. The winner is decided by the cheers of the crowd.

Check out some pictures, videos, and descriptions of our latest On The Spot Showdowns here:

On The Spot Rap Battle

On The Spot Dance Crew


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