60 Second Makeover

60 Second MakeoverQuick Overview:

This one’s for the girls! In one of our weekly SHINE! staff meetings we decided to play a game where the girls can get back at the guys for beating them at all the physical games – so we created the 60 Second Makeover. Two teams of 3 girls had 60 seconds to make over a guy. Whichever team had the prettiest guy after 60 seconds wins!


Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Make Up. I have no clue about make up so I delegated this to a girl. If you’re a guy you should probably do the same. But get stuff that will be easy to cover a guy’s face in 60 seconds.

3. Towels or Smocks. It’s one thing for a parent to hear you put make up all over their boy’s face, don’t make it worse by getting all over their clothes too.

3. Clean Up Supplies. Like I said earlier, I have no idea about make up and I have no idea what it takes to get it off. So make sure you get a girl to buy some make up removing solutions.


makeoverNo prep needed other than buying supplies. Spread the make up out, have a chair ready, and have clean up supplies ready. That’s it.


Game Play:

We played with 3 girls on each team. We also had to choose 2 boys – 1 sacrificial lamb for each team of girls. Once the clock started the girls had 60 seconds to load as much make up on the boys’ faces as possible. After the 60 seconds was up, we let the crowd cheer to determine which team was the winner.


Connect With Us:

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June 18, 2013

  • Tom Harshberger

    This looks hilarious. Planning on doing it this Sunday. Ever have parents taking issue with it?

    • http://funninja.org/ Kenny Campbell

      Haha nice, I’d love to see some video afterwards. I haven’t had any parents take issue, but they have come to expect weird and crazy games from us at this point. We also didn’t let the students walk around with makeup on after the game was over, we made sure they all cleaned off their faces and went home looking the same way they arrived. And of course, all of our games are volunteer based only, we never force a student to do something they don’t want to.

  • terri cherry

    I love all the game ideas I’m also interested in the music. I’d love to incorporate some great youthful upbeat music for our youth group any suggestions would be great. thanks terri cherry