Quick Overview:

We put 60 seconds on the clock with the Lord of The Rings soundtrack blasting in the background as students try to shoot an arrow through a hoop using the Z-Curve Bow. We randomly choose 3 students to take a shot at it, and if one of them is able to shoot an arrow though the hoop, they win a better than normal prize.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. The Z-Curve Bow. This thing is amazing, if you haven’t bought one yet, stop reading and go to Walmart right now. For a kid’s toy, the arrows fly. I would not recommend using this around antique vases. For more details here is a link to the product.

2. Some Kind of Target. We have a pretty big room so we hung a hula-hoop half way up our wall and had students stand about 50 feet away. But you can use something smaller at a closer distance if that’s all you have room for.


Since we were giving students only 60 seconds to shoot as many times as they could at the target, we bought a few sets off the bows so they had more arrows to shoot instead of waiting for us to get the arrows back to them. Also, you’ll need to prepare your target, but other than that you’re pretty much set.

Game Play:

We don’t play this as our featured game for the morning, it’s just used as a quick first segment that gives a few students a chance at a better than normal prize. For a while we were offering $30 cash if a student could hit the target. Once we gave that away we downgraded to a large container of cereal marshmallows (pictured below, and yes they are only the marshmallows). But the idea is we randomly choose 3 students as “tributes” and give them 60 seconds to try and hit the target. We intentionally make this game hard since we want it to be a big deal if someone actually hits it.

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Kenny Campbell

Kenny Campbell

is the contributor of this game, and he's the creator of Fun Ninja and co-founder of Stuff You Can Use. He was a middle school pastor for 9 years and now works at Orange as a creative director.

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  1. We’ve done this every Sunday first for our visitors & then for our students who just want to give it a try. It’s been working well but it does get a little tough at times. I’ve noticed that some of our students have a lot of trouble pulling it back enough to make it go anywhere. And many of them have no idea how to aim – so just a word of advice: you may want to give them some (or a lot) of guidance.

    We’re going to continue doing this but we’ll have a different target – possibly with different prizes attached to each ring.

    Also after you’re done, put them away or else everything will want to have a go at it.

  2. First off, thank you so much for providing all of the games and resources you use. I am a jr. high pastor and coming up with fun games is so difficult for me. I use many of your games and it is such a blessing for me and the jr. high ministry, so thank you! We did this game and it was a blast. I do have one question, how do you pick who will get to play each game? I handed out raffle tickets last wednesday and then drew 3 of them, and next wednesday I am going to give a raffle ticket to each student that brings a friend, but if they bring 2 friends they willl get 2 raffle tickets and so on. The jr. highers loved this game!


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