Quick Overview:

National Duct Tape Days happen over Father’s Day weekend every year, and we decided to pay honor to Duct Tape with a game. The game starts with the floor littered with little toy bugs and the only way to pick them up is to wrap duct tape around your teammate (sticky side out) and let them roll around for 60 seconds. Whoever gets the most bugs to stick to them wins!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Duct Tape. We played with 2 teams competing head to head, so we only needed 2 rolls of Duct Tape. That should be enough, but it’s always good to have some back up rolls ready.

2. Toy Bugs. I found some cheap plastic bugs at Target for couple bucks a bag. The more bugs the better.


Just scatter the bugs all over the floor. Now you’re ready to celebrate Duct Tape Days.

Game Play:

We played with teams of 2 going head to head. The bugs are scattered all over the floor before the clock starts. We started the clock at 60 seconds and then teams begin to wrap their tape around one of their teammates (sticky side out). After they feel that they’ve spent enough time wrapping, they then need to start rolling. I think about 35 seconds wrapping and 25 seconds rolling is a good ratio. Whichever team gets the most bugs to stick to them wins!

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Kenny Campbell

Kenny Campbell

is the contributor of this game, and he's the creator of Fun Ninja and co-founder of Stuff You Can Use. He was a middle school pastor for 9 years and now works at Orange as a creative director.

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  1. Tried this game last night and it was awesome! Couldn’t find bugs so i tried a 500 pc puzzle. Insanity ensued. It was awesome how the crowd got into it! Thanks Kenny! ps. I would try anything other than puzzle pieces. They were hard to quickly count!

    • Great idea on the puzzle pieces! Maybe just larger ones would be easier to count, thanks!

  2. We did this on Wednesday night – it went very well and got a lot of laughs.

    We did boys vs girls – I chose two leaders (guy & girl) to pick two students each. Then they helped them wrap up the student. I think both the leaders and students forgot about the rolling part! Getting them to the ground was a hilarious obstacle!

    • Nice! I love including leaders in our games, it’s a great way to create memories and build relationships. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We did this game last night and it was great. We put Starburst candy on the ground so we had a built in prize.. We also had a girl with really long hair do it, and her hair got stuck to the duct tape and it was a mess to get off. You may want to have the girls tie up their hair first. Overall it was a great game.


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